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We have expertise in all phases of computer sciences from graphics and programming to database functions and networking, and are committed to offering you 'the best' at an affordable price.

An honours graduate in Graphic and Commercial Art. I have been drawing and painting all my life and still, on ocassion, do paintings or pastels on commission, or if I get the urge.

With over 20 years of computer experience and my graphic background Web Presentation & Design was a natural as the internet became available to us all. Designing web sites began as a labour of love for my Boxers (see my own kennel site - Shadowdale Boxers perm. reg.) and has blossomed into creating homes on the web for others. I have designed and maintain many sites (see portfolio). I have helped many others, teaching them how to maintain and/or design their sites on their own several of whom have gone on to creating websites for others. I also do contract work for service providers.

Because of my dog world connection we have done many sites for dog breeders, but whatever your requirements, we have the solution.  See also our business sites. We offer a full range of quality design, database creation, management and support at very competitive rates. We are extremely proud of our work and our clients from all over the world have been delighted with the results of their websites.  Feel free to contact them in regards to our services.

We also offer web hosting and domain names at very competitive prices, and all sites created are submitted to over 1000 search engines.

At HostSmart.ca Jordon, our programmer, has expertise in all the programming languages, database design, systems analysis, networking and the day to day workings of an internet service provider.

For more information on our hosting we recommend that you visit HostSmart.ca.